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Consulting and coaching

I’m no longer offering coaching/consulting for home- and unschooling. It feels like a good time to let go of this effort. (I will be here to continue offering end of year assessments in Vermont for all kinds of home study families!)


I feel so much that people doing the mothering need daily, integrated, easeful ways of support that transcend the constrictions of money and empire, of which school is a central driver. I don’t know how we are all going to get there together but I notice a lot of us diving deep into what a secure attachment with earth, culture, + self feels like, which I am not able or qualified to offer at this point in my life in 1-hour coaching sessions. I’ve enjoyed working with folks very much, but feel like my work right now is being slow with my smallest fractals (mother-child, close friendships, tending to life). And, for the time being, contributing through big-picture writing and making unschool-scandalous podcasts.


I’ve learned that bringing my child (and myself) home from school necessitates taking an incredible amount of responsibility for myself and my family and that no one else can do it for you. That breaking generational patterns can be a lonely path through, and insight is a salve and strength only in hindsight. I’ve learned that I usually can hear the children speaking (yelling?) the straight truth, while parents need therapy to peel back layer upon layer of conditioned thinking and grooming. I’ve learned that stepping out of school does not heal a person’s nervous system fight-flight-freeze profile. But lots of time, unending practice, nature, and baby steps in the direction needed, unique to only that person, can help. For some of us, rejecting the school model of relationship is foundational and necessary. This last bit just to say, cheers to the journeys and sharing our experiences.


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