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Beautiful People Sharing the Love


I can not recommend Katie's amazing skills strongly enough! My 7 & 9 year olds really looked forward to and very much enjoyed their EOYA with Katie and we all benefited so much from getting to think through with her ways to articulate how my children’s passions and interests are best communicated to the state. It has been a wonderful experience to work with her and has greatly enhanced our homeschool life!

Carter Klenk-Morse with Rowan and Saoirse


As a homeschooling parent, I enthusiastically recommend the services Katie provides! She is warm, supportive, deeply compassionate, funny, creative, and excellent at problem-solving. My daughter and I loved the process of doing her EOYA with Katie!


Joanna and Gabi.jpg

I got in touch with Katie because by son was complaining about not liking homeschooling, having a hard time doing workbooks, and I wanted to make sure he was “on track.” Katie’s ability to relate every day activity with academics was very helpful. I also noticed the wording she used when referring to my son's behavior, likes and dislikes. Example: I would say: "He doesn’t like to do workbooks, every time we try he has a meltdown." She instead said: “He is very sure of what are the things he enjoys; he sounds like a confident boy.” I am now more confident that we are doing “the right thing” and that my son is learning.

Joanna Desaubies


As a sixteen-year-old homeschooler, I am very blessed to have Katie in my life. It was wonderful to do my EOYA with her, and I'm so grateful for her continual support and influence on my growth and learning. She is warm, wise, loving, fun, deeply respectful, and one of the best listeners I have ever met. Talking with Katie always gives me so many creative angles to look at problems and stuck places, therefore making it easier to overcome them and find balance. Katie is genius when it comes to understanding relationships between adults and children/teenagers, and what's needed for a deeper, more soulful experience for everyone of learning what life has to teach.

Miriam John


Not only was Katie wonderfully kind and intuitive regarding our needs, she effortlessly guided us through our EOYA with the fun gentle confidence of a professional who genuinely enjoys people and children. We bombarded Katie with all the projects that we worked on over the year, yet she still picked up on the many subtle details of our work and praised them in her assessment. I especially appreciate that she gave me the opportunity to review what she wrote and encouraged my feedback regarding anything that I felt should be added or corrected.

I navigated the homeschool year with a bit of uncertainty regarding homeschooling regulations and my rights as a homeschool parent but after meeting with Katie I felt far more empowered and confident. After seeing my son's accomplishments from Katie's positive and professional perspective I had a little extra boost of pride, not only for my son's accomplishments, but for mine as well. What homeschool parent doesn't need a little pat on the back now and then, thanks Katie!

R. B. & M. B.


I had the sincerest pleasure of a consultation call with Katie yesterday. I feel so much clearer and more confident about our educational journey now. If you have questions about anything along the way, she’s the person to ask! Thank you Katie!!

H. P.

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