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2020 Vermont EOYA

Hello from the depths of winter in Vermont!

Believe it or not, home study families in Vermont can now schedule End of Year Assessments (“EOYA”) with me for March 1 through July 31.

I maintain a Vermont teacher license (K-12) so I can help families meet the state requirements while celebrating your child’s growth and learning!

No need to panic if you’re not in the mood to think about closing out your home study year with the state yet. But—if you like the idea of being “done”—I’d be happy to help so you can submit your paperwork this spring! I personally feel so relieved to not be thinking about what “counts” as learning for a few months of the year, and my kid is excited to haul all her projects to her teacher assessor friend before many summer activities take center stage.

I'll be scheduling EOYAs up until the August 1 deadline if a later date works well for you. More details here.

We can also do the EOYA via videoconferencing. This seems to be a good option for parents who don't have an unschooling-enthusiastic teacher assessor in their area, and kids with anxiety or disabilities that make travel or meeting a stranger in public hard. Let me know if you’d like the details.

I enjoy chatting by phone or message with parents who have questions about the EOYA (or portfolio), regardless of whether they plan to schedule with me. Feel free to pass this information around to friends—I appreciate your trust and reference of me. The best ways to schedule with me are email, text, cell, and FB messenger.



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