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Licensed Teacher Option

Vermont requires children enrolled in Home Study submit one of the following: standardized test results, a parent-prepared portfolio, or an EOYA prepared by a licensed teacher. Many parents opt for the EOYA because it allows their child a chance to shine and connect with an encouraging adult around their homeschool work, and the EOYA that the state office receives does not contain any photos of the child or samples of their work. The cost for the first child in a family is $70; each additional child is $50.  The cost includes our meeting together and preparing your child’s documentation (emailed to you as a PDF).  

**2021: All EOYAs will be remote (video chat), scheduled from March 1-July 31.**


After I email you the PDF of your child's EOYA,  your family submits that form to the Department of Home Study.  I support all families who want help complying with the state’s requirements so that homeschooling is possible with the least amount of barriers and stress.  If this cost is a significant barrier, please reach out to me and we can talk about sliding scale or barter.

When we schedule, I will email you detailed information about our meeting, including how to digitally share work samples with me in advance.  Our video chat will be with yourself and your child, and we'll chat about and look at work your child has endeavored this year.  For example, books or list of books read, workbooks, science or art projects, photos of trips, list of workshops attended, list or photos of hikes/outdoor adventures, backyard, kitchen or garage projects, formal or informal mentorships, classes or lessons taken (including sports or dance/karate/etc.), samples of written work, samples of journals or sketches/drawings, etc.  These samples should provide an interested adult (me!) with an idea of the things your child was involved in over the course of the school year. We will be working together to identify the learning that took place in order to be in compliance with the state requirement, and I will be documenting it in the EOYA. I have a knack for translating life learning into tidy school subjects as needed.

References available; please ask.

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